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Welcome to the RPM Fuels & Tanks blog, here you will find a great range of advice, industry news and new product information. RPM Fuels & Tanks is one of the UK’s leading suppliers of fuel tanks, fuel bowsers and fuel dispensing equipment and management systems. We have over 21 years experience in the oil storage industry and aim to provide a high quality product and service at highly competitive prices.

We supply a huge range of oil tanks and fuel dispensing equipment, including fuel pumps and fuel management systems throughout the United Kingdom. We service a wide range of business and commercial customers including agriculture, haulage, local councils, utility companies, commercial premises and the construction industry. Get in contact with us today to enquire about our fuel storage services.


New Consultancy Services Offered By OFTEC

In response to customer demand OFTEC have launched a new consultancy service to provide householders, facilities managers and landlords alike with detailed independent evaluations concerning oil-fired installations.

Through the consultancy service OFTEC aim to assist customers in both the private and public sectors with the assessment of individual installations and help resolve disputes. In the event of not finding common ground in the dispute and if both parties agree OFTEC can offer the service of carrying out an unbiased inspection. A report will be issued after the inspection of which both parties must abide by.  

OFTEC's Technical Director Paul Rose says, "The new service is designed to be flexible and can be tailored to suit the particular requirements of the client. We will also be working closely with Local Authority Building Control (LABC) to provide additional expertise when required."

This service is provided by OFTEC's experienced in-house technical team who offer:

•    On-site assessments to ensure compliance with Building Regulations and industry codes of practice
•    Detailed, illustrated report is provided with recommendations for any work that is required to make the installation compliant
•    Advice on major system upgrades and help with preparing tenders or evaluating submissions

Thanks to Locks Online for publishing our guest post on fuel tank security. Locks Online are a premier supplier of security products, specialising in a range of locks including door, cylinder and multipoint locks.


Earlier Winter Fuel Payments Could Be On The Cards For UK Off-Grid Customers

The Private Members' Bill is proposing that earlier winter payments are made to UK off-grid households. The recently proposed legislation could help off-grid pensioner households combat rising fuel prices and prevent delivery difficulties in adverse winter conditions, something Moray MP, Angus Robertson is backing along with many cross-party supporters.

The SNP Bill (The Winter Fuel Allowance Payments [Off-Grid Claimants] Bill) has received support from Conservative, Liberal Democrat, Labour, Plaid Cymru, Democratic Unionist and SDLP MPs. 

If the legislation is put into place this will allow households who are not on the gas grid to fill up their oil tanks earlier in the year when prices tend to be cheaper.

As many rural households are reliant on off-grid supplies of heating oil they are not able to benefit from special tariffs supplied by 'mains' energy companies, nor switch suppliers to a cheaper deal, which has resulted in rising heating energy bills.  

Michael Weir, the SNP Energy and Climate Change spokesperson at Westminster, said, “The cross-party and cross country backing for this bill show that there is widespread support for action to help fuel poor pensioners whose homes are not connected to the mains gas grid. This is as much a problem in Cornwall as it is in Caithness.

"There is clear evidence that the price of home fuel oil rises rapidly from October through the winter until it begins to fall again in the spring. At present winter fuel allowances are paid out in December, which tends to be when prices are high. For those who pay quarterly energy bills this is less of a problem but for those who have to pay upfront to have their tanks filled it means that they have to pay out to fill their tanks for the winter before they get the money.

"My bill would provide a simple change that means that pensioners could receive their winter fuel allowance earlier to allow the tank to be fully filled prior to the usual winter price rises. It would give such households the comfort of knowing that they would be going into the winter with a full tank.

Angus Robertson said, "This bill would not just help with off-grid heating costs for pensioners but would also give better security of supply. If we experience very bad weather, as has happened recently, it puts less pressure on the delivery of fresh supplies if more people have filled their tanks before remoter roads become blocked with snow or icy in extreme conditions.

"The heating oil market is subject to sudden and very high price spikes and there is real concern amongst consumers that there is very little competition in the market, leaving them effectively with no option but to pay up.

"Off-grid users are the only customers not to have access to reduced tariffs and a large number of the rural fuel poor are unable to get help with heating bills at all. It is vital that this situation is addressed, and action taken to introduce robust regulation to protect consumers. The changes proposed in this bill do not tackle all the problems faced by off-grid customers, but the action the SNP is proposing would deliver practical and significant support to a particularly vulnerable group who deserve help."

The SNP Bill will receive its second reading in the House of Commons on 7 September.


The Oil & Renewable Energy Show Preview

Online registration for this year’s A&D Publishing Oil & Renewable Energy Show has opened and this year will be held at Manchester Central Convention Complex during 17th and 18th October 2012.

Building on the inaugural show’s success back in 2010, which was held at Coventry’s Ricoh Arena, this year aims to provide attendees with exhibitions from  some of the UK and Republic of Ireland’s biggest names in the heating oil and renewable energy including, Worchester and Wolseley UK.

The Oil & Renewable Energy Show will also offer visitors the chance to network with others in the industry, as well as to keep up-to-date with the latest technological advances and developments. Visitors may also wish to attend seminars and practical demonstrations, which are free of charge.

On 18th October is The Oil Heating Awards for Excellence, celebrating the greatest aspects of the oil heating industry in the UK.

If you would like to register for the Oil & Renewable Energy Show ensure to do so soon as demand for this free event is expected to be great.


The Colour of Growth: Maximising the Potential of Green Business 

The Confederation of British Industry (CBI) has published their "The Colour of Growth: Maximising the Potential of Green Business" report, urging the HM Government to be more mindful of their approach to energy and climate change policy.

New research conducted by the CBI highlights the potential the UK has to become a global front-runner in low carbon products and services. Taking on the advice of the report could see an additional £20bn in annual GDP by 2015, but action by the Government needs to be immediate to prevent damaging the competitiveness of key industries.

John Cridland, CBI Director-General, commented: "The so-called "choice" between going green or going for growth is a false one. We are increasingly hearing that politicians are for one or the other, when in reality, with the right policies in place, green business will be a major pillar of our future growth.

"With something like a third of all our growth accounted for by green business last year, the UK could be a global front-runner in the shift to low-carbon. In the search for growth, we're digging for goldmines - and one of them is green.

"Get our energy and climate change policies right, and we can add £20bn extra to our economy and knock £0.8bn off the trade gap, all within the lifetime of this Parliament."

According to the report, the CBI analysis has suggested that green businesses could have been at the core of the UK’s growth in the £3.3 trillion global green market. The UK’s share of the global market grew by 2.3% to £122 billion, accounting for around 8% of GDP during 2010/11.

Green business activity is said to employ an estimated 940,000 people in the UK, with two thirds employed outside London and the South East.

Mr Cridland said: "The UK has made a great start tapping into green economic opportunities but mixed signals from the Government are setting the UK back. If we can't be sure that the policies of today will still be the policies of tomorrow, we simply won't build business and consumer confidence or secure the investment we need.

"We must cut green tape and pay attention to competitiveness. There is no need to create losers in the low-carbon transition, but at the moment we are endangering our energy-intensive businesses. If we don't take a smarter policy approach, not only will we miss out on growth opportunities, we could also undermine the very industries that should be at the heart of our low-carbon economy."

However, the report is urging the government to adopt a smarter approach to avoid missing out on the UK’s potential. If the green industry was to slow, it could cost the UK £40 million in net exports, of which 7% is currently bought by china. According to Oil Fired UP ‘poor policy choices could further undermine sectors which are crucial to any low-carbon transition, such as energy-intensive industries’.

Mr Cridland added: "Good green policy has to be good industrial policy too. We should work out where we can be world leaders, and focus on building our competitiveness and getting into those supply chains.

"There is a role for the Government to directly leverage investment in priority areas. The Green Investment Bank is a great idea, and we should get it borrowing as soon as public finances allow. But it's not the only show in town and green investments should also be good candidates for Treasury tools, such as credit enhancement."

Steve Sharratt, the chief executive of waste and energy company, Bio Group also commented: “The green economy is an absolute necessity and the economic opportunities far outweigh the costs. The government has to come out and champion the green economy. It does not do enough of that, despite words costing them no money."

John Sauven, executive director of Greenpeace, added: "The chancellor and a minority of swivel-eyed Tory backbenchers are the only people left in the country who want to scupper clean British industries and green jobs. Osborne is holding Britain back and his Treasury is preventing green growth from powering us into the 21st century."


Oil theft is still prevalent 

Banbridge Leader has reported that 8,000 litres of heating oil and diesel estimated to be worth £6,500 has been stolen from a Dromore quarry. According to the report thieves entered the quarry using an on-site JCB to remove security boulders from the entrance during July 6th and 7th between 9pm and 7.45am.

Diesel was taken from various locations of the quarry along with almost half a tank of heating oil. Investigations are on-going and no reports have been issued regarding the progress of the Banbridge police.

We here at RPM Fuels and Tanks urge oil tank owners to take extra precaution when locking their heating oil supplies, especially as fuel is set to become more valuable over the course of the year.

After months of declining petrol and diesel prices, it has been reported that petrol stations will be demanding more money for their fuel again. With prices fluctuating, what seems uncontrollably, it’s important that you keep your fuel safe.

At RPM Fuels and Tanks you will find a range of fuel point caps that will enable you to keep your oil secure. We recommend that your use our Locking Fill Point Cap , which boasts a YALE padlock that can be issued with a code instead of keys, thus eliminating the risk of key loss.

If you will be installing a fuel tank on your domestic premises there are a few measures you can take to prevent theft. Duncan Lambert, director of the petroleum division has recently shared his advice "Heating oil is a valuable commodity and all too often it is targeted by thieves wanting it for their own use or to sell on the black market.

"The situation is not helped by the fact many homes and businesses using heating oil are in isolated areas where thieves can go unnoticed for long periods of time.

"But, like most criminals, they are opportunists and if people make life difficult for them they are much more likely to abandon their attempt rather than risk getting caught.

"People should do everything they can to make sure it doesn't look like a tank from above.  Grow trees around it, camouflage it or turn it into a garden feature, anything that will help to minimise the chances of being a victim of this crime.

"However, people should make sure they don't block access to the tank or block the tank's vent or breather, as this could lead to damage."

 Other precautions:

·         CCTV systems

·         Check the tank's gauge on a regular basis

To read everything that Mr Lambert said, have a look at Warning: Rise in rural oil thefts.